Terra Nova Coding Services Contributes to Improved Patient Care

JOHN’S, Newfoundland and TAMPA, Fla., July 5, 2017/PRNewswire/ – To help the healthcare industry address medical coder shortages, Terra Nova Transcription announced its availability of comprehensive medical coding services in January of this year. Terra Nova provides coding experts, with advanced ICD-10 qualifications, to deliver quality results with prompt turnaround, enabling healthcare organizations to outsource their coding, increasing productivity and improving their cash flow.

With our AHIMA/CHIMA-certified coding experts, Terra Nova delivers high-quality, accurate coding and demand has surged in the market since its start in January.

“Qualified coding professionals are in short supply, and HIM departments face an ongoing challenge to stay ahead of coding demands,” said Hannah Zook, Director HIM Services at Terra Nova. “Our coding services offer a cost-effective way for organizations to outsource some of, or all of, their coding to ensure they remain current and improve their revenue cycle. Terra Nova is proving to be a valuable coding partner to many facilities in Canada and the United States.”

“Our existing transcription partnerships allowed us to quickly implement remote solutions to meet a client’s coding needs,” said Maria French, President, and CEO of Terra Nova. “We have now become a key choice for healthcare organizations and health authorities looking for reliable and accurate coding, in addition to transcription services. This ensures hospitals maintain timely document turnaround, supporting patient safety and quality care. We provide solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs, whether remote or in-house services are required. Partnering with Terra Nova contributes to improved patient care.”

About Terra Nova
- Terra Nova is a customer-centered, medical document partner in healthcare, providing medical coding and transcription solutions to help maximize health information management (HIM) productivity and improve medical reimbursement.  Visit www.terranovatrans.com for more information.

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