coporateorange2We understand your documentation challenges

Businesses produce large volumes of audio and video content from conference calls, investor meetings, and presentations. These meetings and calls are important as they often represent the presentation of key financial data, development of new business strategies and competitive strategies.

For more than twelve years Terra Nova has been delivering the highest quality and most secure documentation solutions.  Our team of specialists leverages an unmatched professional experience and best-in-class legalornage2technologies to provide precise corporate transcription of recorded files when and where you need them, always meeting contractual turnaround time. A skilled, North American-based team of operations specialist ensures the highest quality of audio-to-text and video-to-text transcription and quick turnaround of your documents, which is critical to your success.

Our highly skilled and experienced corporate transcription team enables you to concentrate on your core business tasks. Terra Nova specializes in cost-effective and time-saving documentation solutions for corporate professionals throughout Canada and the United States.

The balance of technology and people has earned us a stellar performance rating with all of our customers.

Terra Nova corporate transcription service guarantee:

  • 100% on-time delivery of all documents
  • Accuracy rates of 99% or better (industry standard is 98%)
  • Secure encrypted file transfers that meet all regulatory protocols
  • A dedicated account manager and team

Terra Nova corporate transcription offers service of the highest quality for many customers. With secure and confidential transmission of the completed reports and a dedicated account manager to ensure quality and timely return of completed documents, Terra Nova offers the most secure, efficient and best service.

Working as your partner we commit to give you accurate documents returned in a timely manner. Our priorities are simple; they’re yours.

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