Maximize performance, improve EHR accuracy

Address patient needs accurately and timely with a complete patient record

HIM departments have  an enormous responsibility to maintain and protect  patient information but they don’t have to do it alone. Trusting an expert outsourcing partner for seamless coding and transcription services can help streamline workflow, improve revenue cycle challenges and provide experienced resources to alleviate staff shortages.

Terra Nova is a trusted partner for:


Coding Solutions
Experienced, credentialed coders to meet healthcare’s coding challenges. Terra Nova can provide onsite coding support or convenient remote coding services to help HIM departments run as smooth as possible.

Transcription Services
We understand the unique challenges healthcare facilities face and offer flexible solutions designed to meet HIM transcription needs. Whether a full or partial outsourced transcription is needed, Terra Nova is ready to provide  a customized option to meet your challenge.

Quality Documentation Solution
Terra Nova’s priority is to provide exceptional documentation solutions that will help facilities save time, money and resources.


Learn how Terra Nova’s health system solution can improve HIM performance


”Terra Nova works hard to make the customer happy and to keep backlogs down.

Having a dedicated Team of MTs also reduces staff turnover on our account.”

Health Sciences North, Ontario

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