Focus on patient care

Focus on patient care, not paperwork:

  • Enable physicians to focus on patient care not paperwork
  • Immediate coder relief for staff vacancies or a total outsourced solution
  • Improves productivity by providing faster access to medical documentation
  • Help meet regulatory requirements without disrupting workflow
  • Increase the accuracy of clinical records and billing

The ability to easily access and analyze clinical data is essential in helping you better assess each patient’s individual needs. Terra Nova understands the challenges you face, let us be your trusted partner who will respond to your reimbursement and dictation challenges immediately.

Or call to speak with a clinical documentation specialist Toll Free 888.600.4178


“Time equals money and being productive and efficient is critical to our success as physicians.  Accurately telling the entire patient story is lifesaving as well as profitable.  My relationship with Terra Nova is fast, efficient and memorable.  They are highly responsive to my technical needs and their turnaround time is excellent.  They provide the ability to use the same service for my ambulatory clinician business and my independent dictation needs seamlessly. “

J. Riopelle MD, FRCPC, FCAHS


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